This is a world famous
highly stylized Indian
Classical Dance
Drama - known as the
king of performing arts
- performed in a
Koothambalam by
skilled artists. The
artists has to......
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This is a world
famous, ancient,
traditional Marital Art
form of Kerala
renowned as mother
of all “martial arts”. It
has a long tradition
and later many
techniques of ..
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Children below 5 years complimentary

We also arrange special
shows on demand.
5 pm to 6 Pm
6 pm to 7 Pm
Entrance fee: 200 INR Entrance fee: 200 INR
  We have started Kathakali and Kalarippayattu daily shows at 2nd mile, Munnar. This is a
combination of two traditional style theatres for Kalarippayattu and kathakali. Our aim is to
nurture our tradition and preserve our cultural heritage. We are doing genuine shows and
our artists are well trained. Our vision is to estabhlish theatres all over the world for both
these Kerala art foms. Kalarippayattu is the “Mother of all martial arts” and “Kathakali” is
the king of all performing arts.
all of you to our traditional village to experience the rich and varied traditions and cultural heritage of Kerala, God’s Own Country. “Punarjani” means rebirth. Here we aim at a rejuvenation of our traditions. Punarjani is situvated in the most beautiful part of Munnar a place blessed with natural beauty, a peaceful atmosphere and refreshing climate. Our mission is to nurture our traditions and cultural heritage. We have arranged two different theaters in our village for (I) Kalarippayattu - the traditional marital art of Kerala, and (ii) Kathakali - the world famous highly stylized classical dance drama form. Your visit to our theaters will definitely present you some memorable and joyful moments in your life. We welcome all of you.
2ndMile Pallivasal, Munnar, Tel: 04865 216161, 263888, 9895999701
Email:punarjanimunnar@gmail.com, www.punarjanimunnar.org. Design: www.crayons.co.in