This is a world famous, ancient, traditional Marital Art form of Kerala renowned as mother of all “martial arts”. It has a long tradition and later many techniques of this art were adapted into marital arts like karate, kung-fu, judo etc. As in Kathakali, here also the practitioners of this marital art from need to undergo several years of rigorous practice, and a building up of courage, fitness of mind and body. This art is performed in a “Kuzhikkalari” (earthern carving) by the artists after several years rigorous training. Our performance include body control exercises, fight with metallic weapons like sword, shield, spear, dagger, belt sword, long stick, short stick, bare hand fights etc. It will be an invigorating experience for you. You can witness some breathtaking moments and be mesmerized by the thrilling spell and charm of this traditional martial art from in our Kalari theater.?

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